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Niche audience for MacBook Air

Apple’s super thin MacBook Air notebook PC is expected to reach New Zealand in two to three weeks, however local sellers expect to sell to a niche audience despite it being widely anticipated.

The Apple online store and resellers are offering the MacBook Air in its two configurations, each with hefty price tags of $2999 and $5139 – the latter has a 1.8GHz processor over the former’s 1.6GHz, with a 64GB solid state drive. Apple has sacrificed an optical drive in the MacBook Air in favour of software for wireless downloads, however users can buy an external optical drive for $159.

Magnum Mac general manager Murray Wood says the product will carry novelty value for a while following its much-hyped release in the US.

“The gut feel says it’s a niche market although the bits that you add on to it are cheap enough, like the DVD drive is $159. That’s very cheap for Apple and pretty fair.”

Tauranga-based Technology Centre owner/operator Christine Marx says it has had a tremendous amount of enquiries about the MacBook Air, but also expects it to be meet a niche market, at least initially.

“Looking at the specs at the moment it won’t really be for the general home market in the beginning although it may develop that way. It’s more for business people and travellers.”

The white PC weighs 1.36 kg and is just under 20mm at its maximum height, with a backlit keyboard, a multi-touch operation trackpad, built in camera and 802.11n wireless