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Lenovo unveils small, quiet desktop

Lenovo launched ThinkCentre A61e ultra small form factor desktop in India. The company claims it be the smallest, quietest and most energy-efficient desktop yet.

It is powered by 45-watt AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual core and AMD Sempron single core processors. The ThinkCentre A61e desktop uses up to 90 percent reusable/recyclable materials as well as 90 percent recyclable packaging and can also be powered by an optional solar panel.

The ThinkCentre A61e desktop follows Lenovo's recent introduction of the ThinkCentre A61 desktop in tower form factor to equip enterprise users with technologies such as I/O port disablement for security, support for up to four monitors for data-intensive tasks and high energy efficiency by meeting the EPA Energy Star 4.0 criteria.