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HP offers carbon credit offset scheme

HP has launched a trans-Tasman scheme to offset the carbon emissions of its laser printers.

The vendor believes it is the first in the South Pacific region to offer such a programme, where it will buy carbon credits from Australian not-for-profit organisation Climate Positive on behalf of printer buyers. The company says it will pay administration and management costs separately, so all of the credits’ value goes towards Climate Positive’s programmes combating global warming.

The scheme runs for a limited time and currently covers only printers sold in Australia and New Zealand up to April 30, but it may be extended to other products and regions if it is successful.

HP’s South Pacific environment manager Annukka Dickens says the carbon offset initiative complements HP’s existing environmentally-focused programmes.

“We have a lot of programmes that look at the environmental efficiency of our products, from design and manufacturing to use and a number of programmes around end of life disposal.

“This looks at the use phase in particular and offers our customers a way to meet their targets they’ve set for reducing environmental impacts.”

Customers can visit to download a claim form and receive a certificate of participation.