Reseller News

European promotion for Ezidoesit software

International resellers are being targeted by local software company Starsoft to sell its new Ezidoesit software. Managing director Dermott Renner says the company has a sales office in the United Kingdom and is looking to sign up resellers there and in Europe.

The product’s global launch will take place at CeBIT this March in Hanover, Germany.

Renner says the company will consider using local resellers in the future. “At this stage we want to sell the software direct, but we’re not ruling out resellers.”

Ezidoesit is software that adds task and work scheduling features to Microsoft Outlook 2007.

Renner says the software is very easy to use and employs drag and drop to turn an email into a task and schedule it into the Outlook calendar. “Because millions of people use Microsoft Outlook every day, we see a big market both locally and overseas for the product.”

Ezidoesit targets businesses of all sizes, with foreign language versions in German, French, Italian and Spanish currently under development.

Renner says he has not as yet received any feedback from Microsoft about the software.