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Symantec upgrades Norton 360

Resellers looking after the small business market will have another Symantec security weapon to promote, when the company launches version two of its Norton 360 suite.

US-based vice president of product management, consumer products division Tom Powledge says the product is ideal for small offices running five to 10 PCs. “We’ve modified the back-up operation so it has better support for small offices and they can back-up to a centralised server.”

Another feature is its capability to stop 'drive-by downloads’, where a legitimate website gets hacked and unsuspecting users find their computer infected after accessing the site. “We’ve seen some high profile examples of that recently, such as the MySpace home page. The browser protection is designed to protect users wherever they go on the internet,” says Powledge.

Identity Safe is another new feature that prevents keystroke logging.

“We’re finding about 88 percent of malware has keystroke logger information. Identity Safe prevents this information from being stored so it can’t be accessed,” Powledge adds.

Symantec's Sydney-based director for channel sales Matthew Drake says a good selling point for resellers is that the software has a minimal impact on the performance of an IT system.

“This means the company can get on with its day-to-day business. We’ve worked hard to make the product available to our local partners as soon as possible.”