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Earlier, but smaller local Vista price cuts

Microsoft New Zealand has pre-empted the global retail price cuts of Windows Vista, but the local discounts are not as dramatic as some seen overseas.

The vendor announced last week that it is reducing the prices of boxed copies of the operating system around the world – in some cases by as much as 46 percent.

However, although the cuts are due to come into effect only when Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) reaches retail, they have already been implemented locally.

“We introduced much of this pricing change mid-January in New Zealand, in an effort to pass on the benefits to consumers as soon as we could,” says Microsoft New Zealand Windows client marketing manager David Rayner.

Although still impressive, the local price cuts are less dramatic than some of those overseas.

The highest price cut locally is for the full edition of Vista Ultimate, which drops by 38.8 percent from $979 to $599.

By comparison, the price for Vista Ultimate is being slashed by 43.5 percent in the UK and by 44.3 percent in the European Union.

Meanwhile, the local price of the upgrade edition of Vista Home Premium will be chopped by 34.4 percent from $349 to $229.

But it is being reduced by 46.8 percent in the UK and 46.2 percent in the EU.

The local cuts do at least beat those in the US, where the price for Vista Ultimate will drop by 20 percent and that for Vista Home Premium upgrade by 18.8 percent.

The price cuts do not affect OEM version of the software, says Rayner. “We do not market RRPs for OEM as the OS is sold with a PC.”