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GN refines Jabra distribution

In a move to unclutter its distribution network, Danish-based GN has rejigged local agents for its Jabra telephony headset products.

The company has parted ways with Digital Blue, which it appointed only last year, and has taken on Cackle Telecommunications as a national distributor for its Jabra contact centre and office phone products.

Cellnet remains as the local distributor of the company’s mobile products, while Ingram Micro will continue to offer Jabra products, but will now be supplied by Cackle.

GN’s Auckland-based channel and key account manager Christopher Jull says the company has reviewed and culled a number of distributors in the Asia Pacific region. “Resellers have said that some distributors are just selling out of a box and are not offering any form of service or support. We’re going back to our original path where we have specialist mobile and office distributors who can offer that level one and level two support.”

Digital Blue managing director Jamie Cox says it will be business as usual following the loss of the agency, adding it is reviewing its Bluetooth product range.

When it took on the agency, marketing manager Paul Dowd said Bluetooth headsets were a growing market locally, however Cox says he doesn’t expect the market to grow in the short-term.

“Until we have legislative changes on talking on the mobile phone in the car while driving, or until the public perception changes on that, we won’t see big growth in the retail market for Bluetooth,” Cox says.

Cackle director Brent Mitchell says the company was appointed because of its experience in the headset market. “What we specialise in is telephone headsets and Jabra is the number-one selling headset so we’ve got a good story to tell.”

Co-director Mark Cooper says the company has warehousing in Auckland and Wellington, which was also an attraction for GN. “This means if someone wants an item we can get it to them on the same day.”

Jull says GN faces a challenge as Jabra is not a well known brand locally.

“We realised that the collaboration with Cackle and a local presence means we can grow the brand.”