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Headphone opportunity for Digital Blue

Audio technology company Phitek Systems has appointed Digital Blue as the exclusive distributor for the company’s Blackbox range of noise-cancelling headphones.

Blackbox manager Clement Barberis says the company was going to market directly through retail partners, but did not have a proper distribution network.

“Digital Blue has many contacts in the retail sector and we’re going to use those to help reach more IT retailers. We want to increase the profile of Blackbox.”

Digital Blue marketing manager Paul Dowd confirms the company was chosen due to its proven history of getting product into mass merchant retailers such as Harvey Norman and Noel Leeming.

The company will only be distributing two Blackbox headphone products at this stage. “But in terms of its potential and quality of support we’re getting from Phitek Systems, we’re delighted to be on board to help them grow the Blackbox brand,” says Dowd.

“Blackbox are fantastic headphones and they’re ideal for a number of different applications. I do have the inside word that Blackbox is looking at bringing out a headset version for the gaming market.”

Dowd adds the company is planning to target travel product retailers.

“The big market for noise-cancelling headphones is air travel, so we’re going to target duty-free stores.”