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Australian Fujitsu PC distribution chief steps down

Fujitsu PC Australia's head of distribution sales, Wesley Wong, has stepped down from the position for personal reasons.

Wong was with the vendor for just over a year. In the interim, senior product manager, David Niu, who started work with the vendor in 2003, has been appointed acting head of distribution sales until a replacement can be found.

"I have been operating closely with Wong with our distribution and channel customers, so I'm a familiar face," Niu says.

He is working with two BDMs to maintain and grow the channel operations. One of the BDMs, Kevin Lo, has been given additional responsibilities in light of Niu's appointment.

"Overall our goal is to maintain our current structure. The growth potential for Fujitsu PC is huge at the moment, and we want to continue to capitalise on that," Niu says.

The vendor has not set a date on when a new permanent head of distribution sales will be appointed.