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Enterprise IT managers buy company

The management of Oracle specialist Enterprise IT has bought out the company’s former owner, Computer Brokers. Enterprise IT CEO Stuart Speers and board members Duane Mcleod, Peter Marks, Ian Taylor and Paul Steffensen have bought the shares formerly owned by Computer Brokers.

Speers set up Enterprise IT in partnership with Computer Brokers three years ago, but the two companies say now is the time to change the ownership arrangement.

In a media statement announcing the buyout, Computer Brokers general manager Noel Simpson says “Both companies have grown to the size and definition that independent ownership is best for both businesses.

“We’ll keep working together, but as independent partners.”

As part of the deal, Computer Brokers has acquired Enterprise IT’s project management division, which has six staff. The division will form a new Computer Brokers services division that Simpson says will see the firm compete for work in the infrastructure services space.

The divestment of the project management division leaves Enterprise IT as purely a services provider. It will be seeking work in the service-oriented architecture field, Speers says.