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Amicable separation for Enterprise IT, Computer Brokers

Enterprise IT will soon be moving premises away from its former parent company Computer Brokers.

In the wake of the Enterprise IT management buyout of Computer Brokers’ shares in the company, it will eventually move out of the existing shared premises with Computer Brokers.

Enterprise IT was founded three years ago as a joint initiative between CEO Stuart Speers and Computer Brokers’ managing director Chris Simpson.

It services a sector of the market Computer Brokers did not operate in – the high-level enterprise Linux, Oracle and project management space.

However, the company has since grown from a niche provider to a staff of more than 20 and Speers now plans to capture a bigger share of the service oriented architecture market.

“Our target growth for this year is $3 million and all the big opportunities I’ve been working on over the past 18 months including Air New Zealand, Toll and Vodafone are coming to life. Oracle has just asked us to do the building of the Oracle rack for an EDS project with the Ministry of Social Development.”

Speers says he has worked well with Computer Brokers over the past three years.

“I needed more operational directors to be accountable for the delivery and sales functions. We’ve grown so fast that it has all been on my shoulders. Having a board of directors will help Enterprise IT achieve the projected growth.”

Computer Brokers general manager Noel Simpson says it’s a foregone conclusion that Enterprise IT will move out. “There is a period of time where they will continue to operate until they’re ready to move, which could be some months away.”

A date has not yet been set for the move.

The separation came because the two companies wanted to go in different directions, says Simpson. But they will still work together.

“The share transaction has been amicable. They wanted to become more focused and independent in a certain space in the market and we’ve got our own plans. It was a win-win, because we wanted the project management in-house.”

Simpson says Computer Brokers used to subcontract all its project management to Enterprise IT.

Under the terms of the deal, an Enterprise IT team of six headed by Paul Alexander will transfer to Computer Brokers to form a new services division. “This is a key aspect for our solutions growth. As we continue to offer larger solutions to our customers, project management becomes critical,” Simpson says.