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Apple slammed on climate change

Apple is once again being pilloried on the strength of its green credentials, taking last place among computer firms rated within a recent ClimateCounts survey on climate friendliness.

Apple achieved just 11 points in the survey, far behind other computer companies rated in the annual list. IBM, Canon and Toshiba took first, second and third place with scores of 77, 74 and 70, respectively. The maximum score was 100 points.

Scores were assessed on the basis of what targets each company had declared for its emissions reductions efforts, climate impact and energy use policies. Scores were also given for "transparency" in reporting emissions and other environmental impacts.

Apple scored badly because (according to ClimateChange) it has not completed an inventory of the greenhouse gases it produces, has no clear goal for emissions reductions, and it hasn't done enough to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

"Business is being pushed by consumers to do its part to solve the climate crisis," said Gary Hirshberg, chair of ClimateCounts and CEO of organic yogurt maker Stonyfield Farm (which finances the campaign). "The Scorecard allows consumers to make good climate decisions in their everyday purchases, and it's having an impact."