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Revera takes on Christchurch with Addington base

Revera is opening a hosting facility in Christchurch, leasing building space at the Addington Business Park. The company has relocated four staff to operate the business.

Robin Cockayne, general manager marketing, says Revera’s virtual datacentre hosting model had been designed for replication to generic datacentre environments.

“It was always out intention to add new nodes around the country,” he says. “Our VDC platform enables us to do that quite simply by grafting our technology to a reasonably generic platform.”

Revera is remodelling existing computing facilities at the business park.

Cockayne says physical aspects of the facility will eventually be redesigned to the company’s next-generation Type R super-cooled eco pods, used at its Albany and Tawa datacentres. Type R encloses virtualised blade servers inside physical pods to more efficiently control air flow and heat dissipation.

Revera has six South Island customers. Cockayne says the company has been approached by others unhappy with current suppliers and see merit in sister facilities on both islands.

A third node would appeal to companies that want to maintain data and disaster recovery options on both sides of Cook Strait, he says. “Virtualisation and advances in networking are reshaping IT as a true utility for businesses of all sizes. They can now buy IT in logical units, rather than by rack space or electricity consumption.”