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Prowse exit explained

Symantec has for the first time shed light on the departure of its former country manager Richard Prowse in May.

At a recent media event Symantec’s Melbourne-based Pacific senior director, sales and channels David Dzienciol explained that since April the company has moved away from having state or regional managers in this region.

“We have reassessed and have been realigning how we address the business. We have changed from a state or regional model to a line of business model.”

This means instead of having individual country or, in the case of Australia, state managers, Symantec now runs its reporting to focus on four different business lines. These are enterprise, government, mid-market and small and medium business.

At the time of Prowse’s departure, Symantec did not disclose any reasons behind his leaving, but confirmed he was not being replaced.

Prowse held the role for two years, replacing Richard Batchelar. Prowse now heads the local office of US-based learning management firm RWD.