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Quick Poll: a one-horse race?

In a reflection of many recent nationwide polls by research companies, Reseller News’ Quick Poll showed National taking a clear lead in the election stakes.

Fifty two percent of voters say they would back the John Key-led party if the election was held tomorrow, while only 26 percent came out in support of Labour.

The Greens attracted 12 percent of the votes, with only two percent for Act and one percent for New Zealand First.

What the voters said:

“Time for a change, Labour is too secretive for my liking” - Mike Carter

“Green – we must maintain a strong environmental concern in an MMP house” – John Brimblecome

“We’ve all had enough of the politically correct government run by Helen” – Matthew Carr-Gomm

In our next QuickPoll, we want to find out whether the Olympics has boosted the image of big tech sponsors like Lenovo and Samsung.

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