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Cheaper iPhone deals for New Zealand

Vodafone has launched two lower-priced plans for the iPhone in response to customer feedback. The new $40 a month plan will give consumers 250 MB of data, 20 minutes of voice time, and 100 texts. The 8GB model costs $699 and the 16GB model will cost $849 on this plan. The $60 a month plan offers 250MB of data, 60 minutes of voice time and 200 texts. The 8GB model will cost $649 on this plan while the 16GB model will cost $799. The previous cheapest plan was $80 per month, which gave 250MB of data but 120 voice minutes and 600 texts. The 8GB model sells for $549 on this plan, the 16GB model for $150 more. Vodafone spokeswoman Libby Hay says the price plans were introduced based on customer feedback. “Customers said they were happy to have less voice time and text if they could access the same amount of data.” She adds that for the next 30 days Vodafone customers can switch to these cheaper plans by paying the price difference between the iPhone on their current plan and on their new one. According to reports, Telecom is expected to sell the iPhone as well when it launches its GSM network later this year.