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Sony offers wireless iPod speaker system

  • Peter Cohen (Unknown Publication)
  • 24 August, 2008 22:00

Sony has introduced its S-Air Play sound system for the iPod. The S-Airplay is a wireless multi-room music system with prices starting at $400 — that includes two wireless speaker systems. It will be available beginning in September.

Sony's new wireless speaker system sports a built-in iPod dock.The S-Air Play comprises a transmitter and separate speaker system. The speakers communicate with the transmitter, which includes an AM/FM radio receiver, clock and alarm, along with a “Made for iPod” docking station that will accommodate any iPod with a 30-pin dock connector.

You can use the dock to transmit separate signals to each receiver/speaker set — up to 10 speakers can be connected to a single transmitter. So you can use one speaker system to listen to music from your iPod, while another in a different room plays a radio station. You can also connect the dock to a home theater receiver to play iPod video on your television (using composite video), or to play music through your home audio system.

Wireless remote controls are included, and each speaker comes equipped with a built-in LCD display to view track information.