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EMC's new multi-protocol NAS array aimed at SMEs

EMC has announced that it is again moving down market with the latest iteration of its Celerra network attacked-storage (NAS) server, aiming it at the SMB space by basing its back-end storage on the entry-level Clariion AX4 storage array. The Celerra NX4 Unified Storage System, like > its predecessor the Celerra NS20 NAS array

  • The NX4 is based on the AX4 array versus the Clariion CX array
  • NX4 is 5Us in height; the NS20 is 7Us high.
  • NX4 allows SAS and SATA drives to be mixed on the same shelf
  • NX4 has a minimum of four drives; the NS20 has a minimum of five drives
  • NX4 holds up to 60 drives and 60TB; the NS20 has up to 90 drives or 90TB
  • NX4 has four 4Gbit/sec Fibre Channel ports; the NS20 has eight 4Gbis/sec Fibre Channel ports.
  • The NX4 comes with EMC's Navisphere Express storage management software; the NS20 has full-blown Navisphere