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Get past security worries and into the cloud

Businesses shouldn’t let security concerns prevent them getting into cloud (hosted) or utility (rented) computing, Integral managing director Ray Noonan says.

Addressing the recent IBM Forum in Auckland, Noonan said organisations should decide which data was core to the business and secure it, rather than make historical financial records a priority.

“Most data falls into two fields – one is core data and the other is context,” Noonan says. “Most data is just historical context. It won’t help you close the next sale or be more competitive in the marketplace.”

Customer relationships are of more importance than financial data for Intergen, he says.

Ownership of infrastructure is also no longer a differentiator for businesses.

“It’s okay to use other people’s infrastructure, especially medium-size businesses. They can’t afford the availability and high redundancy.”

The re-emergence of cloud and utility computing are a return to previous bureau models, whereby firms rented other companies’ infrastructure because most couldn’t afford mainframes, Noonan says.

He says security subsequently became more expensive and complex as servers became more affordable, and companies added increasing layers of security.

However, Noonan says firms should now get past security hang-ups. “Security – get over it. There is no valid reason other than it helps you sleep at night.”

He adds that organisations shouldn’t necessarily keep mission-critical applications in house, and that non-critical applications can be less available.

The theme of this year’s IBM Forum was sustainable innovation, and it was held in the three main centres earlier this month.