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Dell to tap SMEs through channels

Dell launched two new Vostro laptops and two desktops designed specifically to meet the needs of small and medium-size enterprises, governments, and educational institutions in emerging markets including India.

This is the first time a Dell product is available primarily through channel partners in India and other emerging countries in Asia. In India, the company has partners across 150 cities and is expanding the network constantly. "Channels are keen to work with Dell as we have not been so active in channel business. We are using our knowledge that we gained through direct selling to make our channel business more effective. We have learned that about 55 percent of the SMBs in India do trust channel recommendations and 90 percent of them prefer to buy from a channel partner. This is the primary reason for us to have increased focus on channel business for our Vostro range of products," said Sameer Garde, Country GM, Dell India.

The company is planning to expand to Tier II, III and IV cities through channels. The new Vostro laptops and desktops will be available through authorized channel partners, as well as direct from Dell in India and more than 20 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America. The pre-configured Vostro laptops and desktops will be available primarily through a Dell local solution provider, distributor or retailer. The company is targeting to tap the education and government sectors with the new launch.

"Together with our partners, Dell will play an important role in bringing more technology to more people than ever before -- whether in business or in the public sector. Vostro is a key building block to unleashing the potential of the Connected Era," said Steve Felice, President, Dell Asia-Pacific/Japan.

The new Vostro products include two pre-configured laptops and two desktops. Additional Vostro products designed for India and emerging economies will be introduced in the coming months. According to IDC, there are more than 72 million small businesses worldwide, with 23.4 million -- nearly one-third of the global total -- located in Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan). In these countries, Dell has identified significant challenges related to the purchase, ownership and support of technology. The new Vostro products are designed to address the key pain points of SMBs including affordability, reliability and ease of maintenance.