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Travel info lands on mobiles

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  • 27 August, 2008 22:00

A new flight information service is sure to find a following among tech travellers.

FlightCheck allows travellers to receive the latest arrival and departure information of domestic and international flights to their mobile phone via text message. Users text their flight number to FlightCheck, which sends a reply message with the latest travel information.

The service also has an online component, where users can search for flight numbers and check departures and arrivals at all New Zealand airports.

The FlightCheck software has been designed and developed by local firm YouTXT and is underpinned by a comprehensive flight information service.

The service in not carrier or location specific and covers every airport and every airline, says FlightCheck director Sam Allen.

It can also be used to research flight information in Australia, the Americas and a majority of European and Asian flights, the company says.