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Navman range set to go Platinum

Navman has revamped last year’s S Series line with the new slim Platinum range, featuring enhanced search capabilities and a scrollable touch-screen interface.

The S100, S150 and S200 are set for release here early next month, and range in price from $449 to $649.

The models incorporate Pedestrian and Fuel Efficiency modes, and a mileage reporter/digital logbook is part of the software offering.

Navman will include a DVD in the box with maps of about 56 countries, for which users can purchase unlock codes at $199 per map.

Users can now search by keywords, with three search modes: ‘Go’, for finding addresses by street name, number or suburb; ‘Find’, for specific points of interest or brand name stores; and ‘Explore’ to find places or destinations along your route or near your destination.

Navman says the fuel efficiency mode is similar to the previous ‘shortest and fastest’ route option, avoiding stops and starts and selecting only sealed roads. The pedestrian mode, meanwhile, will warn if your route is longer than 10 km and provides 2D city maps for greater details of buildings.

It has also ‘decluttered’ the maps, so that points of interest aren’t shown on the screen during guidance, but you can look at them in a different mode.

The vendor claims the Platinum series models are the slimmest on the market at 13.5mm, with 4.3 inch super flat screens, and weighing 150g.

The high-end S200 will have an FM transmitter and video player, while it and the S150 have MP3 players.

Each has either 1GB or 2GB of memory, 128MB of RAM and Micro SD card expansion. They run on 400MHz processors.

Like its rival Tomtom, Navman has been tackling the problem of tricky pronunciation of some local street names. It has recorded its voice guidance phonetically in a bid to ensure accuracy.

Meanwhile, it is also set to release an upgrade of its entry level S30 model, the S35, for $349.