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Miley move brings reporting change

Ingram Micro’s local operation will no longer report to the distributor’s regional headquarters in Singapore, once outgoing Ingram Micro managing director Jay Miley shifts to a new trans-Tasman role.

While Miley reported directly to regional bosses in Singapore, his replacement Gary Bigwood will report to Miley in his newly-created Sydney-based role as vice president and managing director for Australia and New Zealand.

However, Miley, who takes on the new role in January 2009, says the impact on the local management team is minimal as they will still report to the same person. “It is just reporting lines – there will not be much of a change for the New Zealand management team. In the past they interfaced with me and I would go to Singapore. Now they will still interface with me.”

Overall, Miley says the leadership change will provide continuity for the strategy he and the management team set down for the local business when he arrived. “We’ve been executing on that strategy over past couple of years. We continue to try and diversify our portfolio and to get stronger in the solution business, and we continue to make strides in the consumer product business.”

Miley says he is excited that he will maintain responsibility for New Zealand in his new role. “I am still going to be on the hook to continue to drive our momentum in New Zealand.”

Miley is pleased to have Bigwood as his successor. “There were a couple of both local and non-local candidates – Gary was the easy choice. He brings a wealth of experience and is very familiar with the market. He has been part of the leadership for 14 years and been a go-to person for me. Internally he has the respect of the team and credibility in the market.”

And as head of the volume business unit, Bigwood has also successfully been running the “engine” of the company, adds Miley. “The majority of revenue and profit for the company comes from that business unit.”

Miley confirms that Bigwood will hire a new general manager for the volume business unit. “Gary will not retain ownership of the unit. He will be working towards replacing his role to ensure the strategy he laid out continues.”

Meanwhile, Miley says it is premature for him to talk about what he plans to achieve in the Australian business. “It would be pretentious of me to suggest I have an idea on how to operate over there since I have not spent any time there yet. In the short-term I plan to spend time with the key members of the leadership team, so I can hear them out in terms of where they think we can take the company.”

Until he takes office in Sydney in January, Miley will split his time between the two countries.

Miley says while he has enjoyed his time in New Zealand, adding leaving the country will not be easy. “It will be tough – my family loves it here.”

Comments on Jay Miley’s tenure:

Scott Green, CEO, Axon:

Jay ingrained a deal-focussed approach in terms of wanting to make things happen quickly, to allow both parties to do good business. He also managed to establish a strong value component into Ingram’s offering. Historically it was a more time and place distributor, but Jay has invested in growing Ingram’s capacity to assist more deeply in the sales cycle. They are more a valuable-solution partner than previously.

Nick Fletcher, partner group manager, Microsoft:

Jay has brought a strong vendor focus to Ingram Micro. He has personally been involved in driving the relationship between Microsoft and Ingram Micro and invested strongly in improving our joint business. He has lifted the working relationship between Microsoft and Ingram across the board from our entertainment and devices division to our Open Licence business.

Paul Plester, sales and marketing manager, Express Data:

Jay came in with a very definite idea on the Ingram Micro way of doing things. He has leveraged the US a lot more than Ingram Micro used to do and he has focussed more on top accounts in terms of resources and relationships.