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People's Choice Award: Ryan Balemi

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  • 12 November, 2008 22:00

It’s perhaps no accident that Ryan Balemi won the inaugural People’s Choice award, as close client relationships are a hallmark of his company, Pulse IT.

When he formed the company in 1999, Balemi began serving clients in his neighbourhood of Onehunga in Auckland and says some long-term relationships have been formed.

“We’ve got a client base we do really enjoy working with. Some have been friends first and some have been clients first and become really good friends later. There’s more than just the standard transaction happening.”

Balemi has sought to instil some key values at Pulse IT over the years, namely honesty, hard work, reliability, professionalism and believes his team is comprised of “good girls and good blokes”.

“We’ve got a team of guys that you could invite to a good old Kiwi barbecue,” he says, adding that the staff are very knowledgeable and experienced.

He also personally enjoys the customer service aspect of his role as managing director.

Balemi established Pulse IT after studying business and computing at a polytechnic, when he found he was spending more time in client meetings and less on his studies.

Because he was only 17 when he set up the firm, and didn’t meet the minimum age requirement to be director, his father had to step into the role until Balemi turned 18.

Through referrals, the company progressed from serving local individuals to working among small and medium businesses, and now only deals in the business space.

Balemi says the company was one of the early adopters of the fixed-price IT services business model.

Pulse IT now has about a dozen staff, with offices in the Auckland suburb of Penrose.

It has a diverse client base, with the company’s hardware business entirely IBM, unless there is a very specific customer requirement for an alternative.

What the nominators said:

“A great support team who really know their stuff and who really want to partner with us to ensure that there’s a win for both parties.” – Bradd Trebilco, Aviation and Travel Training Group

“Great support with IBM hardware, and great with advice when required.” – Jonathan Laybourne, Community Leisure Management

“Cost-effective, efficient, and forward-thinking IT solutions – something that’s not easy to find!” – Jamie Fear, Construction Marketing Services

“Ryan has consistently met our needs in changing circumstances and is always looking for ways to help and structure solutions.” – Corrie den Haring, Kato Pacific Marketing