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Most UK datacentres ‘near full capacity’

  • Leo King (Unknown Publication)
  • 23 November, 2008 22:00

Most datacentres are operating at near-full capacity, with little or no room for extra data load, according to a new survey.

In a survey of 1,020 chief information officers and business unit heads in Europe, conducted by Coleman Parkes, the "majority" of datacentres were found to be operating at 82 percent of their full capacity. The researchers did not quantify how large the majority was.

Datacentres were approaching their limits of energy, cooling and space, the survey said. But while CIOs try to tackle this, they are also facing pressures from cost cutting initiatives and green regulations.

Datacentres remained an important daily business focus for the interviewees, with six in 10 planning to invest in them in spite of tough economic conditions. Nevertheless, 72 percent of CIOs expressed frustration that business unit heads failed to understand the importance of datacentres to their companies overall.

Some 53 percent of British businesses said they struggled to balance the need to reduce costs with the need to increase flexibility and efficiency.

The average UK business had 5.7 datacentres, according to the survey. It ran 3.4 datacentre projects each year, expected to rise to 4.2 by 2011.

Reinier van Hoeijen, director of datacentre transformation services at HP, which commissioned the survey, said: "Managed correctly, data centre transformation can reduce costs whilst enabling increased flexibility and efficiency and creating better alignment between technology and the business." But CIOs and business unit heads needed to work better together on datacentre strategy, he said.