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Emerson introduces data centre measure

Data centre professionals now have a way of calculating the return on investment of energy efficient infrastructure and equipment, using a metric from Emerson Network Power.

Resellers can use the Compute Units per Second (CUPS) metric, in conjunction with the Energy Logic framework, to audit customers’ data centres and prescribe energy saving steps. Companies can also self-assess their equipment and infrastructure, and make choices on future upgrades.

“Other industries, for example telecommunications, have had these types of measure for years, but not so the IT industry,” says Emerson Network Power vice president of marketing Anand Sanghi.

“Other measures being promoted don’t show progressive rewards from each of the steps needed to improve efficiency'" he claims. "Energy Logic was the first framework to highlight the ‘cascade effect’ of saving from one step to the next, but until now we didn’t have a way to quantify the reward from each step, in monetary terms or otherwise.”

Emerson’s products are distributed locally by Westcon Group, Dove Electronics and Betacom.