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Philips adopts ECN goods return system for retailers

Philips has rolled out ECN Group’s Enterprise Reverse Logistics (ERL) solution to over 100 Noel Leeming and Bond & Bond retail outlets.

Philips Consumer Lifestyle operations manager Roger Rowley says ECN approached Philips with the solution.

“Returns cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. When ECN offered us the chance to implement ERL with its web-based goods return authorisation (GRA) business process management tool, we jumped at the chance.”

ECN Group CEO John Axe says ECN ERL has been set up so the company can quickly integrate returns policies and procedures into the system and populate the database with product and process details.

“What was once a significant part of our call centre activity has been eliminated as staff at Noel Leeming and Bond & Bond can now obtain on-line authorisation for a return – ERL arranges transport and provides authorisation numbers on the spot – without any intervention on our part,” says Rowley.

Even though Philips has a well-developed product returns policy, ensuring that everyone involved in the reverse logistics chain followed it to the letter was problematic, he says.

“With ERL, the system prompts the retail returns clerk for all of the pertinent information and won’t allow them to proceed until all fields are filled in correctly. There is even a drop-down menu with a series of questions designed to trouble shoot common problems that are a result of improper installation or operation,” says Rowley.

He claims the expected savings as a result of implementing ERL would be over $100,000 per year.