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Verizon extends DoS detection service to New Zealand

  • Brad Reed (Unknown Publication)
  • 09 February, 2009 22:00

US telco Verizon Business is extending the reach of its denial of service attack detection service to 23 new countries, including New Zealand.

Distributed DoS (DDoS) attacks, in which a hacker uses several servers to take an IP address offline by flooding it with packet requests, have been significantly increasing in scale over the past few years. According to a recent Arbor Networks survey of 66 global ISPs, DDoS are now reaching peak intensities of up to 42Gbit/s, or nearly double the 24Gbit/s peak attacks recorded in 2007.

Verizon's DoS detection system is a managed service that utilises several international security centres located on Verizon's global IP backbone to scan for potentially malicious traffic patterns on the web and to give customers notification if their system is under attack. This will give users the ability to spot DoS attacks in their early stages by giving them frequent reports based on Verizon's analysis of backbone traffic, the company says.

Once an attack is discovered, Verizon's managed service team can then reroute the traffic away from a target's network by using Verizon's DoS Mitigation managed service that intercepts attack traffic and sifts it out from legitimate traffic. In other words, the Mitigation service can filter out the bad traffic while still delivering good traffic to the user.

Verizon customers can sign up for the Detection and Mitigation managed services as complementary or separate services. The company says that the services are backed by service-level agreements that guarantee a 15-minute response from Verizon in the event of an attack. Users can also take advantage of a 24-hour service portal that lets them monitor their own traffic to detect unusual spikes that may be indicative of a DoS attack.

Pricing for the Detection service starts at US$2,000 per month, while the Mitigation service starts at US$3,500 a month.

The DoS Detection and Mitigation services had previously both been only available in the United States. With the expansion, the services are now available in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, India, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and most of Western Europe.