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Police explore multimedia technologies for public contact

The New Zealand Police want vendors to supply short message (SMS) and multimedia services, and a video calling communications system, as they consider the use of such technologies for public contact in emergency and non-emergency situations. According to Registration of Interest documents, the Police don’t envisage the primary method of public contact – the telephone – changing “in the immediate future”, but “it is recognised that there are times when the telephone is not suitable and alternative communications methods may be more practical.” “With the proliferation of mobile technologies and high uptake of SMS usage throughout New Zealand, Police wish to explore the feasibility of making SMS, and other multimedia technologies such as PXT, available for the public to contact Police in emergency and non-emergency situations,” the document says. Potential vendors need to supply systems that satisfy Police emergency and operational response requirements, which operate continuously, and the vendor must detail how the SMS systems would interface with the Police’s IP-based network; all New Zealand-based SMS, MMS (multi-media messaging service) and video calling services providers; and any other external databases and systems. The deadline for responses is 23 March.