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Infosys delivers integration platform to Suncorp

Financial services group Suncorp faced a major desktop integration project across 50 locations in New Zealand, following its merger with Promina last year.

The company commissioned Infosys Technologies to help deliver a common technology platform across the company.

Through a single domain login the group’s 2200 New Zealand employees can now access email, calendar, instant messaging and shared training programmes from any desktop computer in any country.

The desktop component went live last December.

“A project like this is a big, hairy beast so we wanted a partner on board who knew their craft, was prepared to make decisions and stand accountable for the outcomes,” says Suncorp Business Technology Infrastructure executive general manager Paul Cameron.

“We’d worked with Infosys in 2006 to help create a standard operating environment for Suncorp and felt very confident they could partner and do it again.”

The project was unusual for an infrastructure initiative in deploying Agile delivery principles more commonly used in software development. Agile is a collaborative approach that calls for IT to work in concert with business goals and encourages multiple small iterations of work.

Using the Agile approach, Infosys helped integrate and standardise more than 9000 desktops across the Promina group. This bought them in line with Suncorp’s existing desktop platform of 12,000 and provided one technology foundation for the merged business.

“We executed the integration project in short, sharp bursts with deployment occurring over 125 days, and regularly checking progress to `course correct’ and ensure the project remained on track,” says Cameron.

According to Suncorp, the partnership is yielding a strong return. Despite the complexities of the programme, the design was completed in just seven weeks and delivered in a cost-efficient manner, as there was a repeatable model in place from Suncorp’s 2006 desktop roll out.

When it came to deployment, the plan was to execute as quickly as possible.

“We leveraged Infosys’ selective offshoring model, which allowed up to 70 percent of the deployments to happen offshore after hours,” says Cameron.

The project is tracking at 98 percent of realised benefits, with Cameron saying it will continue to deliver synergies and cost savings for Suncorp.

Across the Suncorp business there’s now a feeling that technology “just works,” says Cameron.

“A project such as this brings a certain level of anxiety with it, so to be receiving positive feedback from users so soon after deployment is a great outcome.”