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Datastor secures virtual desktop device

Datastor has won exclusive distribution of Pano Logic’s virtual desktop device, which has captured international attention for its ability to save power, free IT staff from maintenance and improve security.

The silver cube, about 10cm a side, has no software, operating system, CPU or memory, but connects USB-based peripherals to Windows running on a remote server.

Datastor product manager Gary Cullen says the product “fits very nicely” with it VMware offering, and could appeal to those who have already invested in thin clients.

“These can still be used in a VDI environment but as they fall off the maintenance they may want to put in a zero client,” says Cullen.

He adds it will be priced in about the same range as a mid or low end thin client.

“It’s one hundred percent touch free from a service point of view and we think it will have a longer life for the end user.”

The device incorporates a triangular button which gives users the ability to re-set or re-connect. It can also be customised for particular applications.

Pano Logic says 70 percent savings on desktop total cost of ownership (TCO) are possible, due to the reduced power usage and saving on service labour. It consumes five watts, three percent of typical PC, the company says.