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IDC: PC market declines, HP holds on to lead

The local PC market declined seven percent in Q4 compared to Q3, resulting in two percent year on year growth.

HP held on to its lead in the desktop and laptop markets, while Apple climbed to fourth in the laptop market, but dropped to fifth spot in the desktop market.

IDC Infrastructure & IT Services associate analyst Stefan Nordbruch says Lenovo moved to fourth place in the desktop market due to some tender wins the company had.

“Apple slightly declined in the desktop space, but grew quite strongly in the notebook market. At the same time Dell in the laptop space declined. Due to the change in the exchange rate, the perceived value per dollar has worked in favour of the more premium brands,” he says.

“This quarter Apple has had some back to school promotions and education would be a key market for them.”

Portable shipments declined by three percent to 90,991 units, which according to IDC reflects 15 percent growth year on year. Consumer notebook shipment growth of one percent did not compensate for a nine percent decline in commercial notebooks.

Nordbruch says this was partly due to the fact companies are holding on to their existing systems rather than upgrading.

Desktops continued their downward trend and declined 9 percent year on year to 67,844 units. This was due to a 25 percent decline for consumer desktop shipments, whilst commercial desktop shipments remained largely flat with a drop of one percent.

Overall, the PC market recorded an 11.5 percent growth for the whole of 2008.

Top five PC market vendors for Q4:


1. HP

2. Dell

3. Acer

4. Lenovo

5. Apple



2. Toshiba

3. Acer

4. Apple

5. Dell