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Technovation teams up with DocsCorp

Content and information management company DocsCorp has partnered with local technology consulting business Technovation to offer more services to customers.

Technovation specialises in document, records and knowledge management systems, and managing director Don Staples says its customers are looking for applications that work well together, not in isolation.

DocsCorp offers a suite of products including pdfDocs, which eases working with sensitive documents and forms, says Staples. “Direct integration into MS Office applications, scanners as well as the Interwoven document management systems is a pdfDocs speciality. I see DocsCorp helping us provide our clients with innovative solutions to more efficiently manage workflow and improved customer service.”

DocsCorp New Zealand business development manager Azan Iwasaki says the company’s mission has been to develop offerings that add value to core business applications.

“For example, Interwoven WorkSite users can print a Word document to PDF and profile it directly into WorkSite as a new document or a new version of a document without interacting with the pdfDocs interface.”