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Sybase hunts local system integration partner

Mobile software company Sybase is seeking a regional system integrator, ahead of the mid-year launch of a new partnership with SAP for Business Suite software to mobile devices.

These devices include the BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Mobile. The two companies say this will enable millions of enterprise software users worldwide access to business applications.

Sybase ANZ’s channel and alliances director Steve Dolan says the partner could be based in Australia or New Zealand.

“We’re going to need to develop mutual implementation partners. They’re going to have to understand the SAP side of the technology equation, as well as the Sybase side, and that’s going to be a key aspect of what we do.

The partner would ideally already be working with Sybase or SAP, says Dolan.

“If they have a running start on the technology side of the equation that’s great, but we’d also like someone who has an increasingly sophisticated view of how these technologies can be deployed.

“The technology in our user community is changing dramatically.

“When we look at the criteria for partner selection, it’s going to be a combination of three things. Skills around SAP, plus technologies within SAP such as Netweaver and skills with Sybase.”

Dolan says the partnership happened because of customer demand.

“Business users were saying they get email on these devices, but they now want to start utilising these technologies in a much more productive way.”