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Snappernet, Insite complete move

Distributor Snappernet and Renaissance's system builder subsidiary Insite Technology will move from their shared site in the Auckland suburb of Albany next week.

Snappernet is going a short distance across the suburb to Civil Place, while Insite will be heading to the Onehunga office occupied by its owner.

Snappernet director Richard Paul says it wasn't feasible for his company's staff of five to stay in the larger premises when Insite decided to move. The companies shared the office space for seven years, first with Ultra Computer Company and then Insite after it merged with Ultra in 2006.

Paul says the new premises gives Snappernet more warehousing space, and will be divided between one third office space and two thirds warehousing.

He says Snappernet plans have all its systems ready to take customers' orders by the end of Friday, 24 April.

Once the dust has settled, Paul says the company may consider an office warming for partners.

Insite Technology general manager Jan Paterson could not be reached for comment.

Meanwhile, Snappernet co-director Mark Forbes is now based in Nelson. Paul says Forbes owns a house in the region and had been commuting to Auckland every week.

“He will be able to work using our voice-over-IP system and remote systems so there will be no difference. Mark will still have a desk in Auckland as he will be coming up here from time to time.”

Paul says Forbes will be helping to service its resellers in the upper South Island area, and also build new business.