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Zeacom calculator shows customer payback

Unified communications company Zeacom is giving resellers the opportunity to save their customers money with a return on investment calculator.

The unified communications calculator, designed for resellers, searches for cost savings using the company’s UC product, ZCC (Zeacom Communications Center ), in contact centres and companies.

Zeacom marketing manager Jason Roberts says the rationale behind the development was that people were saying ROI returns on unified communications were soft. “Our belief is that’s not the case because in the end all the tools that are there [in the calculator] are about saving time.”

The calculator assesses time and labour costs for manually performing communications tasks such as searching for people internally, compared with what can be achieved using ZCC.

It also measures cost saving benefits throughout a company and highlights the impact of improved collaboration due to unified communications application Rich Presence.

Zeacom’s local channel sales manager Zlatko Filipchich says the calculator can also open up new sales opportunities for resellers.

“The resellers now not only need to engage with IT-literate buyers but also broad spectrum buyers. They have to introduce HR managers into this sort of solution because if they’re running a contact centre and we’re showing them that they are overstaffed based on the call volumes coming through, it’s her job to redeploy that person within the business.”

Roberts says the calculator has already been launched to Zeacom’s partners in overseas markets. Throughout the US, NEC distributed the calculator to its associate resellers.

Locally, the calculator was given a trial with partners such as Cogent prior to its general release.

Cogent marketing director Mike Purchase says in a statement all customers want to see a quicker return on investment for IT. “This credible tool helps establish common ground with customers about the payback from unified communications.”