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Wellington City Council upgrades PeopleSoft

As part of its plan to provide an up-to-date financial environment, Wellington City Council is upgrading PeopleSoft Financials software from version 8.4 to 9.0.

The upgrade will enable three-way matching and provide an offering platform for e-procurement projects that will be undertaken by the council.

The vendor support of the council’s current version was retired in March 2007. As such, the council is on sustaining support and any changes to the current environment will not be backed up by Oracle.

The key outcome of the upgrade is to ensure full PeopleSoft support coverage, as well as allowing the council to develop future system enhancements due to changes in business processes and requirements.

The deadline for replies is Monday, 18 May. More details are available on the Government Electronic Tenders website under ICCNZ reference 25779.