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Leading Edge, Orb stores get XT makeover

Telecom dealer stores around the country will be refurbished to support the roll out of the telco’s XT 3G network later this month.

About 35 Leading Edge and 16 Orb stores will be revamped.

Telecom general manager of sales & distribution for mobile, Nick Paul, says six retail superstores will among those to get an overhaul. Two are in Christchurch, one in Tauranga, one in Hamilton and two in Auckland - all within shopping malls.

“These stores are in high profile sites with high foot traffic," says Paul, adding the superstores have have interactive displays and wireless hotspots.

Point-of-sale material used in superstores will be incorporated into dealer stores.

Paul says dealers, as well as staff at Telecom’s own branded retail stores, will receive extensive training on the rollout and new products. “We want them to offer a true customer experience and be able to answer customer’s questions.”

Paul says Telecom has tried to learn from the retail customer experience offered by companies such as Apple. “People will be able to play with the phones and do cool stuff such as update their Bebo profile via their mobile.”

New point-of-sale stands will also be used by Telecom’s major retail partners including Harvey Norman and Noel Leeming.