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Telcoinabox appoints local CEO

Australian telecommunications reseller and franchisor, Telcoinabox has appointed Shannon Fisher to head its New Zealand operations as CEO.

Since opening its Wellington office one month ago the company has already signed two franchisees, YLT and Creative Telecom.

Fisher, an Australian, says demand to enter the telecommunications space as a reseller and franchisee is high.

“We have in excess of 30 serious enquiries in the pipeline and we haven’t even started a concerted marketing effort yet.”

He says there is a strong trend of ex-pats moving back from the UK, who are feeling the squeeze of the global recession and are looking for ways to start again.

“The majority of enquiries are coming from males aged between their 30s and mid-40s. Some are looking for a seachange like YTL managing director Steven Brimblecombe, who moved from Brisbane to Wellington to start the business.”

Fisher adds that he would like to see more interest from women.

“We really see an opportunity for females. Owning their own telco gives them the freedom to juggle a family and business and manage their work life balance at their own pace.”

Fisher has more than 20 years experience in telecommunications and owns Creative Telecom in Australia.