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APC offers channel new server tools

APC has launched three ‘server room in a box’ kits as part of a new InfraStruXure line.

The three offerings, Reliable, Resilient and Redundant, range from $43,000 for Reliable up to $85,000 for Redundant.

Country manager Andrew Kirker says the company was looking for a way to make its server rooms simpler for the channel to sell and for customers to understand.

“We wanted to make the low-end server room more of a catalogue-style item. With these small server rooms, they’re often associated with someone moving [to a new] building and they get forgotten about. We get the call two weeks before the customer is moving saying ‘we need a new server room’.”

Kirker adds that in June the company will be increasing the portfolio range with an offering called Branch in a Box. It will be aimed at small businesses and bank branches.

APC has produced a resource kit for the channel, which includes a video and diagram of a server room — complete with dimensions, and proposal documents and billing materials for interested customers.

Kirker says its partners aren’t traditionally selling components such as cooling and environmental monitoring products.

“This [offering] is allowing our channel to go after a larger share of the wallet by addressing everything in that server room.”

The company is also running a short training course for the channel on how to position the kits.

“[Partners] can request one-on-one training with a member of my team or we can send them out a resource kit that has all the sales tools.”

He says the current economic conditions offer a “perfect storm” for APC. “The power grid is unreliable and the IT equipment is becoming more and more important. The requirements of supporting that equipment are increasing in terms of virtualisation.”

APC has sold three of its server in a box systems in Auckland, Kirker says.