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Pingar opens United Kingdom office

Tauranga software start up company Pingar has set up an office in Swansea, UK following demand for its search and publishing platform.

It received backing from the UK Trade and Investment Global Entrepreneurs programme which provides advice to New Zealand companies. The company is collaborating with the University of Swansea on IT projects.

Pingar director Peter Wren-Hilton says there are plans for it to expand to other international markets but he wants the head office to remain in Tauranga.

According to Wren-Hilton, the platform has proven popular as rather than presenting users with a list of links, it finds the content the user is after and extracts this into a PDF document.

'There is so much irrelveant information on the internet and to try to filter this is becoming much more complex. I thought `there has to be a better way' and Pingar grew out of this."