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Hitachi: One third of ANZ companies can’t recover files

A report commissioned by Hitachi Data Systems has found 30 percent of ANZ companies are exposed to data loss as they can’t recover files from backup tape.

The report called The Great Information Glut, which surveyed 400 ICT executives in New Zealand and Australia, also highlighted that 82 percent of companies are leaving email retention strategies up to employees.

According to Hitachi, the information glut is caused by a lack of resources and too much digital information. Only five percent of companies surveyed who have information overload said it had no impact at all while 69 percent said it had a moderate impact. Fifteen percent say it has a high impact and 11 percent said it had a great deal of impact.

“The research shows that managing both the growth and cost of storing digital information remain important priorities across Australia and New Zealand,” says Hitachi Data Systems Australia chief executive Neville Vincent.

“Keeping the growth of digital information under control is a slightly higher priority than keeping costs under control.”

He says ANZ companies should take a look at existing systems and improve them to manage information growth rather than investing in more hardware.