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Apac markets boost optical networking spend

A 33 percent quarter on quarter increase in spending in Asia Pacific has boosted the global amount spent on optical networking in the third quarter of 2009 to $3.6 billion.

The figures were revealed in Ovum's Q3 2009 optical networking vendor preliminary results.

“Regional results were mixed: the bleeding in North America appears to have stopped; Asia-Pacific, led by China, continues to exceed expectations," says Ovum vice president for optical netowkring, Dana Cooperson.

“Several vendors are benefiting from China’s ON spending spree, which is being propelled by 3G mobile builds, but none more than Huawei," says Cooperson, adding Huawei has taken the top position over long-time leader Alcatel Lucent.

Announcing top ten optical networking vendor share, Ovum says its preliminary analysis indicates Huawei's global revenues topped Alcatel-Lucent's by more than $100 million for each of the first three quarters of 2009. Huawei now leads the market by about three percentage points, it says. ZTE appears to have beaten Fujitsu to take the number four ranking, says Ovum. It says Cisco has re-entered the top ten this quarter.