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IT contractors optimistic about pay prospects

IT contractors are more optimistic about future pay rates than their counterparts in many other professions, according to a survey by specialist contract staffing provider Crackerjacks.

The survey, carried out in September, looked at contractors in a range of occupations, including IT. A total of 1053 IT contractors replied to the survey.

The result was that on average, IT contractors had an expected hourly pay rate of $66, up 4.8 percent from the previous survey, in March.

Of the 21 occupations surveyed only half registered an increase in pay expectations, and while IT didn’t register the highest increase – that went to retail and scientific, which both reported a 20 percent rise in expectations – the result is good news for the industry, says Crackerjacks managing director Tony Wai.

“It has been a hard year and the outlook for 2010 is better,” Wai says.

The increased pay expectations are a sign of increased demand for IT contractors, which is being driven by increasing project work, particularly in the private sector, he says.

“While there are some central and local government projects, there has been more of a push from the private sector.”

Different areas within IT are seeing more demand than others, he says, with specialist programming skills such as Ruby developers in demand, and business analysts are also sought-after.

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