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Actual Size Software broadens product portfolio

Wellington distributor Actual Size Software has taken on more brands to complement its GFI messaging and security offerings. The company picked up GFI after Observatory Crest stopped distributing the products on 31 July.

Actual Size Software began distributing web security scanner Acunetix, virtual desktop server 2X Software and software-based PBX brand 3CX last month, saying it is the only local distributor for these agencies. GFI is also distributed by Soft Solutions.

Director John Mills says all three companies share a link with GFI as they were founded by GFI CEO Nick Galea. “These agencies widen up a huge chunk of the [security and virtualisation] market that wasn’t previously available. Over the past months I’ve been very busy getting a presence in the marketplace.”

Actual Size Software is also the local distributor for fax, data and voice multi-port interface boards vendor Mainpine. “Mainpine was working with Observatory Crest and they’ve said they want me to continue in the distribution role as they’re happy with my performance.”

Mills previously worked at Observatory Crest as a GFI product manager. He is currently the only Actual Size Software employee but says he will look at adding a staff member next year.

“Ideally I’d like to have a sales person in Auckland. At the moment I’m getting the business up and running.”