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End of an era for Insite's Paterson

The general manager of system builder Insite Technologies, Jan Paterson, will leave Insite at the end of February. This follows a plan to move the company’s head office and manufacturing unit from Christchurch to owner Renaissance’s Onehunga, Auckland premises on 31 March.

The company says saving costs and being closer to more of its customer base in Auckland were behind the planned shift. A letter was sent to Insite’s customers in December to inform them of the change.

No redundancies are expected and staff have been offered the opportunity to relocate to Auckland. However, Paterson has elected to leave Insite at the end of February and remain in Christchurch. She has been with the company for 17 years and Renaissance will advertise her job in February.

Approximately four sales and service staff will remain in Christchurch.

Former Renaissance Group managing director Paul Johnston, who commented on the changes prior to his departure from the company, says previously 75 percent of Insite’s customers were South Island-based, but in the past two years it has secured more in the North Island.

“There has been a greater concentration on different market segments that Insite has gone into such as education. The customer base has shifted as a result of that. [The shift is] to make sure we give a better service, keep the costs low and deliver a better quality product to the customers faster.”

Johnston says a number of the 17 Christchurch staff will be helped to relocate. “We won’t know what numbers of people will move until the end of February,” he says.

Paterson says she wants to secure a Christchurch-based role for family reasons, but wouldn’t rule out roles in Auckland or Wellington in the future. “I’ll be prepared to look at a few opportunities and I’m not intending to leave the IT industry.”

She began at Insite Technology in 1992 as the first employee.

She opened the Wellington office in 1994 and was based there for two years. Paterson returned to Christchurch to work in the PC side of the business and from 1996 to 2000 held various roles throughout the company, before being appointed general manager in that same year.

“It has been a fantastic journey and I’ve learnt a lot. I’ve got a real passion for New Zealand business and I support the relocation from a business perspective.”