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Express Data introduces Sun Solutions Centre to NZ

Express Data has opened New Zealand’s first Sun Solutions Centre, after getting the go-ahead from the vendor in the first half of last year.

The centres, of which there are 26 others worldwide, are open to Sun partners and customers to test systems and carry out proofs of concept before investing.

Local partners and customers’ closest available centre had previously been Sydney’s.

The centre is at the distributor’s premises in South Auckland and was officially opened a week before Christmas by Express Data’s general manager of sales and marketing Paul Plester, Sun partner manager David Tse, Oracle country manager Peter Idoine and Sun partners including Gen-i and Eagle.

The local centre houses about $700,000 of equipment, including a couple of racks of servers, storage gear, Sun Ray thin clients and televisions.

Express Data also plans to link to other global Sun Solutions Centres over the cloud, giving local centre users access to gear not available for testing here, says the distributor’s Sun divisional manager Louis Nunn.

“Some of [Sun’s] high end servers are $2 million each, so if a large organisation in New Zealand wants to do a proof of concept, they can hook directly into that.”

Express Data has integrated software from a number of its vendors with the centre’s hardware, says Nunn.

Sun business development manager Michael Lasham manages the centre here, and has visited its US Solution Centres as part of the local establishment process. He had more than 10 years’ experience at Sun Microsystems prior to joining Express Data about four years ago.