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Soft Solutions, Mistral Software merge

Local Nuance Communications speech and imaging distributor Mistral Software has merged with Soft Solutions. The deal was signed in January. Mistral Software will continue trading as a division of the company.

Managing director Megan Twentyman says the company has been her baby for more than 11 years but she has had to step back for family reasons.

"I know that Chris [Fitzgerald] and his team at Soft Solutions will continue the quality of representation that the Nuance brand deserves.”

Twentyman will remain at Soft Solutions in a part time capacity for at least six months to train employees in retail management. Mistral Software’s South Island representative Janette Cannell will also remain, with Chris Leslie joining the team to look after North Island retail customers.

She says partnering with Soft Solutions was a logical choice due to its long term relationship and similar business philosophies. Soft Solutions has sub-distributed the Nuance brand into the VAR market for some years.

"It opens up a whole new path with the retail side of the business. We'll be focused on our retail partners Harvey Norman, Norman Ross Group and JB HiFi."

Twentyman adds that the plan is to grow Nuance's retail and coporate presence.

"For Nuance all round it's a win-win situation in those areas."

Soft Solutions managing director Chris Fitzgerald says it will be “business as usual”.

“Change is good, and this new channel will enhance the value that Soft Solutions offers for all of our vendors. We will keep the Mistral Software name on the retail side."

Fitzgerald says there are no plans to branch out into perhiperals or gaming products.

"Whether we start offering any other products in that area [retail] time will tell. Things will appear but I'm not going out there actively searching for other brands in retail."

Until the merger, Mistral Software was the sole local distributor for Nuance Communications. Nuance APAC channel sales manager Vicki Rigg says Mistral has been a proactive distributor in the market for 11 years.

“This recent development is an opportunity for everyone concerned. The change will benefit our channel partners dramatically. I feel that with Megan’s assistance combined with the Soft Solutions business model we can drive sales to record levels”.