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Excom loses manager, gains new business avenues

Excom Education is assessing the best way forward for its local team after the departure of branch manager Chris Haines.

However, it has recently gained Ministry of Education approval as a signatory to the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students and plans to locally launch Green IT training.

With offices in Australia and Singapore, Excom established itself in Auckland in August 2008. Its vendor partners include Microsoft, Cisco, VMware and Novell, while it also trains in CompTIA, ITIL and for the Service Desk Institute.

Excom director Graeme Newey, based in Sydney, says it won’t be forced to quickly find Haines’ replacement.

“In the interim, the Auckland Excom team are currently an experienced and well integrated unit with strong growth projections for the next few months, which provides us the luxury of being able to take our time in any consideration of new personnel into the team in order to make sure they are the right fit for us strategically,” he says.

Meanwhile, the company has two strategic opportunities to grow its local business.

It plans to launch its green IT training here this quarter.

Developed with sustainability-specialist research house Connection Research, the courses were released midway through 2009 in Australia.

The courses include an introductory session, Are You Carbon Ready?, along with a one-day course in the fundamentals of green IT, two days of training in green IT systems design and implementation, and a one-day course in choosing a carbon emissions management product.

Becoming a signatory to the international students pastoral care code is an opportunity to incrementally grow Excom’s New Zealand business, says Newey.

“We expect the international students to supplement our local numbers, and see this as a way to encourage further steady growth.”

Newey adds entry criteria will be similar to those for local students, because the authorised training it provides for vendors is globally standardised already.