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Symantec widens rewards to secure SMB specialists

Symantec is offering incentives and deal registration to small business specialists that were previously only available to larger partners. The move is part of a bid to expand the number of partners joining its SMB specialisation programme.

Trans-Tasman SMB and distribution sales director Steve Martin says the fresh recruitment drive follows an update to the scheme last October.

“It is a programme that we have traditionally made available to our larger partners, but we have now made it available to the SMB community to help them drive revenue.”

Under the Opportunity Registration feature of the programme, member partners can register deals worth up to $10,000, and if they close the deal they receive an additional rebate of up to ten percent.

“It is the type of behaviour we want to see more - partners identifying opportunities and allowing us to work with them. It is our job to make partners more successful,” he says.

The vendor seeks a select group of specialists, rather than a large number of new resellers.

“I’m looking for specialist integrators that know and understand the SMB marketplace and are providing technical assistance to that market space.”

In addition, the vendor is offering more targeted training and the opportunity for joint marketing initiatives with partners. It is also building a risk-assessment tool which will be ready by the end of March.

“It is a marketing-based risk assessment tool so we don’t require resellers to have a financial degree to fill it out. It helps partners have a conversation with their customers about [the customers’] business’ reliance on IT,” says Martin.

Partners can use the tool to assess risks and challenges faced by customers, such as a datacentre flooding, and investigate strategies customers have put in place to protect against those risks.

“The partner sends the risk assessment tool out to customers and for all those customers that respond back we share the details of those assessments [with the partner]. Once we have the statistics, we’ll be able to talk openly about the risk profile of SMB businesses in New Zealand.”

This information will be available later in the year.

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